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Presidential Message

Dear fellow MAAFS members,


I hope you are getting prepared and excited for our 2024 meeting in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Pittsburgh is near and dear to my heart in many ways, and I’m thrilled to be your President for this annual meeting.


My 7-year-old recently asked me what kind of science I was going to do at work today, and I responded with Forensic Science! He said, again, don’t you get bored doing the same science every day? A thought-provoking question really; do I get bored? Truthfully the answer is no.  Sure, some parts of my regular routine are just that, routine, but I’m always learning new things, thinking in new ways, and collaborating with my coworkers. Do you remember when you first learned about forensic science? I do. I was so intrigued, it felt like a real-life puzzle, and I was hooked on it as a career option.


In 2009 I went to my first MAAFS conference and just like when I first learned about forensics, I was hooked.  I had been to AAFS the year prior where I learned a lot and found myself in the same room as some of the big names in forensics.  At MAAFS though, the environment was different.  I didn’t feel intimidated or out of place but rather included and like part of a team. That feeling hasn’t left in the past 15 years as MAAFS, like Pittsburgh, has become near and dear to my heart.


If you are finding yourself at a point in your career where you would tell my son that you are bored with forensic science day after day, go back to that younger version of yourself who first learned about forensics and remind yourself why you chose this career path.  I hope that this meeting will continue to invigorate you, and shed some new light on why we all do what we do!


Keena Heise

MAAFS President

Annual Meeting

May 6-10, 2024

Pittsburgh, PA

Registration Now Open!

Prices Increase and Hotel Block Closes After April 8th

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If you are actively involved in the field of Forensic Science and have attended a business meeting, click below for more information about becoming a member.

MAAFS Elections

Are you interested in giving back to MAAFS? Helping out at the Annual Meeting? Helping to run the organization? This is your chance! For more information, please visit 2024 Open Positions. Email Jennifer Bonetti at to nominate yourself for a position.

MAAFS Governing Documents


Code of Ethics

Administrative Rules and Business Meeting Minutes can be found in the Members Only Area

Professional Development Scholarship

MAAFS offers scholarships, up to $2,000, for Member professional development. This includes attendance at a MAAFS Annual Meeting. Please see our Forms page for more information and the application form

Student Scholarships

MAAFS currently offers (3) $1,000 scholarships each year to current college/university students!

Please be aware that winners must present their research at the Annual Meeting in May. 

If you are interested, start planning your research now. Applications will be due March 1st, 2024.

To apply, please fill out this form & include necessary supporting documents. Please note, you do not have to be a member to apply.

Mission Statement

The mission of MAAFS is to encourage the exchange and dissemination of ideas and information within the fields of recognized forensic sciences through improving contacts between persons and laboratories engaged in the forensic sciences; to stimulate research and the development of new and/or improved techniques; and, to promote high standards of performance and facilitate professional acknowledgment of persons working in recognized forensic science disciplines.

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